What is Capixyl?

In most Monat products, especially the ones related to hair, you will be able to spot ingredient called Capixyl.

It might be hard to understand what is Capixyl, and what does it actually do, even Monat always tries to explain the ingredients we use.

We highly recommend you to start keeping track of all your hair and skin products, including the ingredients they consist of. It’s important to stay away from products that might harm you, your hair, or your skin in a long run.

That’s why you will be able to find and learn everything about Capixyl in this post.

What is Capixyl?

Capixyl is a name of an ingredient which actually consists of three different 100% natural ingredients. It’s a blend of the peptide, acetyl tetrapeptide-3 and extract of red clover.

You might have seen tetrapeptide-3 most of the time in skin conditioning creams, however, it’s an ingredient included in Capixyl which is related to hair growth products as well.

It’s really interesting how such three different ingredients, when combined in one, can give such a natural boost to your hair and skin.

Capixyl has been around for a few years, and it even won an award in such a short period of time. However, it hasn’t made it into haircare primetime, which we assume is because Capixyl is still an expensive ingredient to be used.

It doesn’t matter if it’s expensive or not, we only use the best and the most effective ingredients that are made from natural sources.

What Does Capixyl Do?

Capixyl has many benefits, and they’re mostly related to hair, but also to the skin.

It’s a blend of different natural ingredients which in combination can deal with some serious issues in a natural way. Capixyl prevents hair follicle miniaturization, it improves hair’s anchoring by making follicles longer and thicker, reduces damages caused by inflammation, and can show an increase in the stage of hair growth.

The most popular benefit of Capixyl would be the help in hair growth. It’s really good for pattern hair loss where it prevents the hair loss and boosts your hair growth.

Hair growth is from hydrates that stimulate the scalp in a natural way that leads to noticeable hair growth. It’s never too late to start growing your hair back, no matter how old are you and no matter how long was the hair loss preventing you from having your hair.

Formula of Monat Products

Monat products are always made from specifically and precisely crafted formulas that will match everyone’s needs.

We design and craft different formula with different natural ingredients for each of our products in order to achieve as many results possible. We also make our products to solve problems of a particular group of people.

Whatever it is you are looking for, we have already thought of it and made a special product for you.

The formula of Monat products consists of a mix of natural ingredients such as Capixyl. Along Capixyl, there are also other natural ingredients we use such as Rejuveniqe, Proctaline, and Crodasorb.

You will never find chemical based ingredients such as DEA/MEA, Sulfates, Phthalates, and other chemical ingredients in any of Monat’s formula.

We strictly stay away from chemical ingredients that might do even more harm in a longer period of time. Therefore, all Monat products are safe for the environment, every household, and available to be used by almost everyone out there.

We always introduce our customers to the formula and ingredients we use for each product, which makes it easier to keep track of your most useful hair and skin products.


Capixyl is still unknown to many people, however, it’s breaking through the market with a lot of speed. It’s still an expensive ingredient, however, that doesn’t stop Monat from using it.

We want to give our customers the best products possible on a natural basis, and we do whatever it takes.

Monat is also constantly trying to improve our products and is constantly testing natural sources of ingredients in hope to find even better ingredients than the ones we use now.

Modern technology has allowed us to explore, test, and produce even better things that will help us in our life, and Monat embraces it.