Science Behind The Products

It’s always important to understand the science behind every product that you use. You don’t need to be the scientist to understand what the product is made of and whether the product might be harmful to you.

Especially when dealing with skin and hair, it’s important to pay extra caution before the damage is done.

Monat always does a good job at explaining the process of making and the ingredients of all of our products in a simple way everyone can understand.

We definitely decided to go all eco and to make that small & simple, yet very necessary changes in our environment for better today and tomorrow.

What’s The Monat’s Policy When It Comes To Products?

Monat always puts the customer in the first place. We are very proud of our product making process and formula that we use, that we try to show them to our customers in a simple and easy way to understand.

We have a strict policy of staying away from chemical ingredients, and there are many reasons which made us do that. When dealing with hair and skin, chemical-based ingredients can do more harm than good in a long run.

Our products are made from 100% natural formulas and ingredients from natural sources. Therefore, our products are safe for the environment, can be used by almost anyone, and don’t have even a single harmful side effect.

Also, our products are as efficient or even way better than other products that are based on chemical ingredients.

Formula of Monat Products

Monat products are all about our customers. We do our best to match the needs of our customers, and most of our products and systems are addressed for a particular group of customers.

Therefore, everyone will be able to find a 100% natural hair or skin product that will benefit them.

The formula of Monat products is always 100% natural, which is full of natural ingredients that have been previously clinically tested and proven.

Our formulas are precisely designed and crafted after many months of trying out and testing to achieve the best results possible.

You will never find harmful chemicals such as Phthalates, Sulfates, DEA/MEA, and many others. All chemical ingredients are replaceable with even better yet natural sources of ingredients. There is no need to damage our body.

We are also a very eco-friendly company where we put our customers and their health in the first place.

What Ingredients Can Be Found in Monat Products?

Monat products are all about bringing the best results possible in the most natural way without any chemicals, and any harmful effects and side effects.

We always collect as many natural ingredients possible and therefore, our products and their formulas are full of natural ingredients which bring an as effective product as other chemical products might be. However, Monat products will never harm you or damage your hair & skin in any way.

In Monat products, you will be able to find the most natural ingredients that can be used in hair and skin products.

The natural ingredients that we use the most in our products are Capixyl, Rejuveniqe, Proctaline, Crodasorb, and many others.

We use Capixyl mostly in hair products where it helps to reduce the scalp inflammation, strengthens and thickens the hair, but also it stimulates natural hair growth.

Rejuveniqe is our own proprietary blend of unique oils that contain essential powerfully active botanical ingredients.

Proctaline is a natural ingredient that helps maintain healthy levels of antioxidants in follicles. We use it in our skin products where it helps to fight premature aging. It can be used in hair products as well where it combats thinning while protecting shine and color.

Crodasorb has a simple and natural role. It absorbs ultraviolet lights and protects hair from sun damage.


Monat always puts the customer in the first place, and always listens to feedback from our loyal customers.

Our products are developed, named, and organized in a way that customers will be able to find the right product to meet their needs.

It’s time to stop testing different hair and skin products in the hope they will work. At Monat, we created a place where everything you need is in one spot.