Does it Cost to Ship?

You have found your favorite Monat product, and you are ready to purchase it, but there’s the only question that is bothering you.

Does it cost to ship the products to you and if yes, how much is the shipping cost?

If you didn’t have time or energy to browse through our website, you still probably don’t know the answer. However, in this post, you will be able to find everything related to shipping and all the friendly asked questions will be answered in here.

At the end of this post, you will know more than you have ever known about shipping from one company. We always love to help and share information with our customers.

Does it Cost to Ship?

If you aren’t Monat’s VIP customer, shipping cost may apply at the cost of your order.

It’s hard to tell how much is the shipping exactly because it depends on a few different things. The cost of your shipping will depend on your location, and on your order.

The bigger and heavier the order is, the more shipping will cost. However, keep in mind that even you have to pay for the shipping, it shouldn’t break your bank.

Currently, we only ship to USA and Canada. Therefore, there is no additional cost other than the shipping.

Our products are already priced reasonably even although we use some expensive ingredients, therefore, we decided to charge the shipping cost to the customer, and we hope that you understand that.

However, if you don’t want to pay for shipping, continue reading to see how to get free shipping.

When is The Shipping Free?

Even although Monat doesn’t cover the shipping, there’s still a way to get free shipping.

You won’t only get a free shipping, but also you will discounts on your orders, and even a free surprise gift for you for every order you make.

By becoming Monat’s VIP customer, you have the ability to get free shipping. We decided to give a chance to our loyal customers to experience even cheaper prices and free shipping within the United States of America and Canada.

When you are our VIP customer, shipping is absolutely free no matter the package size or weight. We will take care of it.

VIP program is made for our loyal customers who understand our work and who are in love with our products. We also love to always reward our recurring customers with as many benefits as possible.

How to Get Free Shipping On Monat Products?

To get the free shipping on all of Monat products, you will have to become Monat’s VIP customer.

That’s the only way to get free shipping, without having to do anything other than joining and becoming our VIP customer. Once you’re our VIP customer, we will deal with the shipping cost, no matter the shipping cost, weight, or size.

Process of becoming our VIP customer is free, simple, and easy. By becoming our VIP customer you won’t only get a free shipping, but also discounts, cheaper prices, and even free gifts with every order you place.

In a long run, you will save more money by getting price discounts and free shipping. Otherwise, you would get regular prices and you would have to take care of the shipping.

If you don’t feel like you would become Monat’s VIP customer only to get free shipping, keep in mind all other benefits you will receive as well. However, if you are really not attracted to benefits of Monat’s VIP program – that’s completely fine, and there is nothing to worry about.


Due to our already reasonable prices of our products, we decided not to offer free shipping for now. Our products require natural ingredients that are still expensive and are still not that known. It also takes time to produce our products.

Therefore, shipping for non-VIP customers isn’t free, however, if you decide to become our VIP customer, you will get a free shipping.

We decided to create VIP program for our best customers out there as a thank you for being with us for so long. If it wasn’t for customers who recgonize the quality of our products, we wouldn’t be here where we are now.

Along VIP free shipping, you will also experience loads of other benefits.