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Hydration (Balance) System1291109984
Volume System1291109984
Densify Duo System (Let it Grow)1291109984
R3 System **NEW**1291109984
Magnify System1291109984
Effortless Style System **NEW**1291109984
Classic Confidence System1291109984
Black System1291109984
Stylized System1291109984
Power Boost System1291109984
Junior Line (Kids)79675950
Renew Shampoo45383530
Revive Shampoo45383530
Smoothing Shampoo45383530
Black 2+1 Shampoo and Conditioner50413832
IRT Shampoo50413832
The Champ - Dry Shampoo45383429
Junior Shampoo32272420
Revitalize Conditioner61524740
Intense Repair Conditioner63534740
Smoothing Deep Conditioner63534740
Restore Leave-in Conditioner43363328
Junior Gentle Conditioner32272420
Junior Gentle Detangler29252219
Rejuveniqe Oil Intensive1291109984
Eye Wonder Lash and Brow Serum79675950
Replenish Masque65555043
S3 Supplements Support System79675950
Black Aftershave + Moisturizer39332925
Black Cream Shave35302622
Reshape Root Lifter43363328
Black Groom Styling Clay45383429
Tousled Texturizing Mist37312824
Refinish Control Hairspray59494437
Restyle Instant Sculpting45383429
Moxie Magnifying Mousse39332925
Blow Out Cream45383429
Thickening Spray39332925