Is The Product Safe For Children?

Monat has really great products, however, how to know if they’re safe for children?

There are many ways to find out whether the product is safe for children or not, however, it’s not always that easy.

We always care about our customers and that’s why we always do our best to include the ingredients and formula details for every product that we produce.

We also always include a part where we declare for whom is the product made, but also who will benefit from it the most.

Monat always goes a step further, and even if you aren’t sure whether any of our product is safe for children, it’s most likely that it is.

How to Know if Products Are Safe for Children?

It’s important to understand what to look out for before knowing whether a product is safe for children or not.

It all comes to the ingredients that are inside a product. Especially the main and key ingredients. Products that don’t declare their ingredients clearly are most likely hiding the use of chemical based ingredients.

Chemical based ingredients can do more harm than good and especially in a long run. Not only it can do harm to adults, but also to children who have vulnerable hair and skin as they are still in process of developing.

Some of the most dangerous chemical ingredients that can often be seen in hair and skin products are Phthalates, DEA/MEA, Sulfates, and many others. It all comes to the ingredients in the end which result in the product performance.

Monat Product Formula and Ingredients

Monat is always going a step further and we are not only listening to the feedback from our customers, but we also use the best ingredients possible to keep our customers safe.

If you have ever wondered what’s in our famous products, you will find out now.Ă‚

We decided to strictly stay away from chemical based ingredients. They can’t perform as good as natural ingredients. They also can’t provide long-term results.

Even although 100% natural ingredients picked up from natural sources are more expensive than chemical ingredients, Monat still uses only 100% natural and clinically proven ingredients. It’s funny how producing healthy products costs more than using chemical ingredients which might harm someone.

Our formulas consist of 100% natural key ingredients such as Proctaline, Crodasorb, Rejuveniqe, and Capixyl. You will never see chemical based ingredients in any of our product.

Monat Junior Line

Even although almost all Monat products consist of only natural ingredients, we have still introduced Monat Junior Line.

If you haven’t checked out our Junior Line yet, it’s the perfect time to do it. It’s probably something you’ve been looking for.

Junior Line from Monat consists of three different, yet very similar products. They’re combined together which means that they can be used together, no matter how often.

They’re specially made for the youngest ones with a purpose to prevent their fragile hair from dangerous ingredients, damage, and dryness.

If you didn’t know, we always make another formula for each of our products. Therefore, we are able to achieve the best results with every product we produced. Every product and every system we have is made for someone out there dealing with hair or skin problems.

Therefore, Junior Line is precisely made to give our youngest ones everything they need to keep their hair and skin healthy every day, without any possibility of harmful ingredients.

Every parent is ready to do its best to protect their child and to provide him with the best things in this world, right?

If your answer to the question is yes, Junior Line is exactly what you’re looking for.


We agree that it’s important to be cautious with hair and skin products, especially when it’s for kids.

You can never be 100% sure whether a product is a right for your child or not, right? Monat understands the problem and that’s why we precisely designed and crafted Junior Line.

Staying safe and preventing problems instead of fixing them is more efficient in a long run.

You will always be able to find the key ingredients in Monat products, but also the description for whom is the product made, and what benefits can you expect out of it.