Hi, I’m Amanda

Independent Market Partner with Monat Global and website founder of HealthyHairCanada.com

My Story

I’ve started using Monat since November 2016 and I’ve never felt such a boost in my self-confidence and finding a permanent solution to my hair loss and scalp issues! I’ve been losing my hair since I was in my mid-teens.

I’ve been through many years with the dermatologists and doctors that could not diagnose me with why I was losing my hair. I ate well, exercised regularly and slept a lot. The doctor’s did everything possible to see what was going on: biopsy’s to my scalp every year (which was painful), shots of dry ice to my scalp monthly, constant blood tests for everything imaginable, expensive shampoo that would make my hair really brittle and dry, and prescribe me with oral medication (coritco-steroids) that I would suspect gave me dark spots on my legs and tongue. It was a hard reality to go there every month and be hopeful that the doctors could reverse whatever that was going on with me.

I was losing my hair just because… I assumed it was a combination of genetics, hormones and stress… and carried on with my life as I’ve always been a person that would look on the brighter side and continues trucking along. I tried everything that I could to combat whatever that was going on… Nioxin, Minoxidil, homemade remedies (i.e. Rosemary Water, Oatmeal, Honey, Eggs, Avocados), laser hair comb (and Sir 101), prescription shampoos loaded with sulphurs and other unknown chemicals/medical treatments, prescriptions (corticosteroids), gluten free diet, nothing seemed to work. I found that tying my hair everyday worked to cover up my thin spots.

Before starting Monat, I felt my self-esteem dropping to an all-time low. It was starting to become difficult to cover up my hair by tying up and it just wasn’t enough (I was probably tying up my hair since my early 20s). In photos, my hair was not only thinning at the top, but all around and especially my sides.

In September 2016, I was personally going through some tough times and I realized that some drastic changes needed to be made with my life. I was ready to kick it into busy season with my other business and also was ready to launch my career in Residential Real Estate, so I was in no mood to start a new business. I was busy beyond belief and I didn’t want to start using Monat until the new year. But since I was in the spirit of an entrepreneurial kick, I was thinking any networking meeting to meet anyone would benefit me regardless and what is there to lose?

While away in Europe in October 2016, I was browsing on Facebook and saw a really low-key newsfeed from a friend I haven’t seen in a while: “Is your hair thinning? Come to my event and learn about this amazing product”. I’m not sure what I saw that grabbed my attention, but I decided to come out and support a friend. On the day, the event was happening at 10am, I was almost going to cancel on the day of the event because all the excuses almost got the better of me… I’m jet lagged, it’s early, it’s on a Sunday, I have better things to do… But I went anyway because I said I would come and I’ve learned recently that “Nothing happens unless you commit to doing it”

During the meeting, I was introduced to Samantha Remillard, she was doing surprisingly well with Monat and I was curious how. She said all the right things and I am now lucky to have her as my mentor and a really good friend! She also introduced me to her upline, Serena Warkentine, one of the most humble, shy, hardest working, hometown girl from Airdrie, she showed us all that there is no limit how high you can grow this business and now someone that I look up to as well. She is top 10 in the company and really happy to have her as a mentor as well.

So this is my Why… I joined Monat Global because I was looking for change… I’ve been asking the universe for years to help me find a solution to my hair loss and this was truly a sign that I couldn’t refuse. I was looking for a challenge and this was it – where I can use everything I learned through my experience with the Photobooth and Events Management all into one project). I hope that my why has inspired you to go look for your Why and ask the universe for help when you need it! Thank you universe! And Thank you friends and family for all your support along the way!

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