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Healthy Hair Canada will guide you through how easy it is to purchase from Monat products online and which products are right for you.

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Our Product Range

Monat Global haircare product line is naturally based products that provides all the minerals and vitamins to help prevent your hair from thinning, stop excessive shedding and provide the right nutrients.

  • Treatments

    Intense daily treatments that can assist with a number of hair issues that you are dealing with.

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  • Shampoos

    Monat shampoo is applied to wet hair, massaging the product into the hair, and then rinsing it out.

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  • Conditioners

    Monat shampoo is applied to wet hair, massaging the product into the hair, and then rinsing it out.

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  • Styling

    Monat shampoo is applied to wet hair, massaging the product into the hair, and then rinsing it out.

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  • Grooming

    Monat shampoo is applied to wet hair, massaging the product into the hair, and then rinsing it out.

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  • Children’s Products

    Monat shampoo is applied to wet hair, massaging the product into the hair, and then rinsing it out.

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The Systems

An easy to use combination of Monat products that will assist you with the best results for your specific goal. You’ll have great hair in no time!

VIP Prices available for everyone with the one-time fee of $24.95
Which includes free shipping and ‘Only for You’ product worth $32 CAD!

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Three Ways To Purchase

With Monat you can purchase through three different channels. By becoming a VIP or marketing partner, you will receive additional discounts and perks.

Order Retail
0% off
  • Obligation Free
  • Pay Full MSRP Price
  • Pay For Shipping
  • Order whenever you like

Become A Market Partner
30% off
  • Purchase a product pack and save up to 45%+ off your first purchase
  • No obligation to sell (sign up to save)
  • 30% off all future orders
  • Free shipping
  • No obligation to purchase monthly
  • No obligation to keep inventory
  • Access to flash sales
  • Earn consistency rewards
  • Earn extra cash
  • Earn a Cadillac program
  • Earn free trips
  • Online Academy and smart start program

Become a VIP
15% off
  • $24.95 one time fee
  • Save 15% off all future orders
  • Free shipping
  • Free ‘Only for You’ products with qualified purchases
  • 3 and Thank You free product program

The Monat Opportunity

Choose from starting your own business or saving up to 45% off your first order by purchasing a product pack!

No obligation to carry inventory or to sell, many people join as a Market Partner just to save big!

Client Testimonials

Monat products have been tried and tested by hundreds of happy clients.We’ve collected a few of our favourite messages.

I’ve been using Monat since Sept. 2017. I’ve noticed a huge change in the health of my hair and how I’m able to manage it. After about a month I started to see new hair growth and for the next couple months until the porcupine spikes were long enough to fall with the rest of my hair it was kind of annoying. My hair was thinning at the corners of my hair line after having my children and it’s looking much more full now. IWhen it comes to manageability I’m in love!! My hair holds a curl now, I’m not sure why it wouldn’t before but now when I curl my hair it actually stays all night not just for 10 min. My hair feels incredibly soft and it has a shine to it that I’m in love with. It’s just so healthy looking. They last a lot longer than I thought they would. I’m now going on 5 months. 
I’m using: Revive, Revitalize, Blow Out Cream, Rejuvenique Oil, Hairspray, Replenish Masque


I have been using Monat for four months now and my hair has never been this healthy! Slow thyroid for years had made my hair dry and lifeless. Monat products hydrate my hair and give it volume. My hair is growing again for the first time in 15 years and the new growth is amazing! I wish I could post pictures to prove it. Monat is one of the few products that has not irritated my skin or eyes, and I love the botanically based ingredients. I looked long and hard for a product line that would give my hair the nourishment it needs, and I am so glad I found Monat. Don’t let negative reviews fool you. 500,000 satisfied, returning customers speaks volumes for these products!


My hair is the healthiest it has been since I was a child! I started using MONAT in August 2017 and I will never allow another hair care product in my home again. My WHOLE FAMILY uses it. I started using it because my hair was over processed and had severe chemical damage. The first wash my hair felt like it had never been bleached before it was MAGIC! My hair has just continued to get better and consequently grown like a weed! My hair is longer than its ever been. I am so excited to see what the future with MONAT holds for my hair!


I have been using Monat for a little over a year now and finally love my hair again! After 2 pregnancies and having developed a thyroid issue my hair was a mess, thinning in places, super dry and frizzy, unmanageable, greasy roots, you name it I had it! Now I can go a day or two between washes and it still looks just as good the second day. It takes half the time to dry and style and I have let it grow way longer than I ever have before. The best part is the thinning has stopped and has really grown in again and even my eyebrows and eyelashes are getting thicker and stronger! Love this product and I’m thankful I found it everyday!!



Join us today and watch your business explode with opportunity! You can start your business in Canada, USA, and the UK.

In February 2018 the MONAT Family has officially opened its doors in the United Kingdom! Learn more about why you should join!

  • Healthy Hair Revolution

    Learn about the #healthyhairrevolution. Monat is a family-oriented company that has exploded over 700% in 2017 alone. Over 145,000 Market Partners and 450,000 VIP Customers in Canada and USA alone. It’s expanding into the UK and we are ready to have you join our team!

    More Information about Monat United Kingdom

  • Monat Founders Club

    This group of people are classified as the early adopters of Monat products within the new countries launched. Both new Market Partners in my team as well as new Market Partners in the UK will have a chance to become part of this exclusive opportunity. As a founder you will receive exclusive benefits including:

    • Founders Pool Profits
    • Founders Club Public Recognition
    • Founders Only Gifts
    • Advanced Business Tools
    • Focus Groups Participation

    Contact Us to Become a Monat Founder in the UK

  • Meet Monat UK Roadshow

    To get an up close and personal introduction to MONAT’s products and business with the people behind the brand!
    Learn all about MONAT and build new bridges in upcoming Meet MONAT events in your area.

    We will make our way around the UK between 19th February and 8th March to share our revolutionary naturally based premium quality haircare

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Free Shipping

Monat Global provide shipping to anywhere in Canada and United States. We will be adding a considerable amount of other locations, as the love for Monat spreads worldwide.

Money Back Guarantee

With over 500,000 satisfied customers, Monat Global provides a 30 day money back guarantee. We currently have a less than 1% return rate overall in Canada and USA

3 Ways to Purchase

Spend, Save, Make – the choice is yours to become a Retail Customer, VIP Customer, or a Market Partner. Learn the 3 ways to purchase to find out what is best for you.